If you've ever looked at our Feature Requests page, you've probably seen one item at the top for some time...

From Slite.com
App Navigation has been our most-requested feature since Draftbit's launch

We know that navigation is critical to building apps. So today we're excited to announce the first release of Draftbit Navigation! Draftbit Navigation allows you to add different "Navigators" to your app. Navigators are what make it possible to move between screens in an app.

Here's what you can do with Draftbit Navigation right now:

  • Create Switch, Stack, or Tab Navigators for your app, based on React Navigation.
  • Edit the appearance, behavior, and name of your Navigators.
  • Add screens to the Navigators, so they are available to Actions.
  • Attach Navigate Actions to Buttons (and other Touchables) so users can navigate around your app.

We'll be improving Draftbit Navigation a bunch over the next few months. For now, this version should be a big help in speeding up your app building process.

Want to dive in? Check out the documentation for more details, or get started building. We'll post a walkthrough guide very soon.

Draftbit Navigation is live for all Draftbit users today. So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

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